Deliverance training (NL/UK)

    • 19 March 2016
    • 9 April 2016
    • 23 April 2016
    • 10:00-17:00
  • Locatie: Dominion Centre, Ellermanstraat 30, 1114 AK, Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
  • Doelgroep: For everone who wants to learn how to pray for deliverance
  • Docent: Marie-Therese Van, Leonard Sterkenburg, Ronald Montijn and others

Learn to pray for deliverance in the courts of heaven.
We have noticed that casting out demons is much easier when our Heavenly Judge first has rendered a verdict about the demons in the courtroom of heaven. According to Rev. 19:11 Jesus also does this Himself: He judges with justice and then makes war. In this deliverance training we will explain how you can go to the courtroom of heaven and carry a lawsuit for people who are bound by demons, how you receive a verdict from the Heavenly Judge and how you can execute this verdict.
Overview of the training program:

Day 1:
Deliverance in de courtroom of heaven
Experiencing the courtroom of heaven
Charge and penalty
Preparatory talk for the court case in heaven
Preparatory prayers for the court case

Day 2:
Summoning into the courtroom and protocol
Confession of client
Execution of verdict: Cleansing and casting out demons

Day 3:
Execution of verdict: Setting the soul parts free from captivity
Interpretation of the checklist
Own preparation for the court case
Cooperation within team

The training will be bilingual (Dutch/English) and will be a combination of theoretical knowledge (especially biblical foundations), practical knowledge & experience and practical exercises.

If you haven’t received deliverance prayer yet, Living In Your Destiny is offering you this possibility. After you have received deliverance prayer and have participated in the training, you can be part of the deliverance team of Living In Your Destiny as a trainee.

Both the training ‘Insight In The Spirit World’ as well as the Mentortraining could be helpful as foundational knowledge for this training. Since both trainings have not been taught in English within Living In Your Destiny yet, it is not a prerequisite that you have followed both trainings. If you are interested however, let us know by sending us an e-mail (